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Welcome to our Primary School Community! Today if we see around, the role of School is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, productive members, and critical thinkers of a global society that is ever changing.

A fact cannot be denied that the world has become highly competitive. And, to prepare our students to face the arduous competition, United School – Primary Wing has adopted a pedagogy that satiates to ever-changing challenges both in society and work place.

We emphasize on the overall development of our children that helps them overcome the afflictions of life. We plan to deck the students with appropriate skills and a wide range of opportunities that creates in them the power to introspect and become great achievers in their life. Self-regulatory skills like self-assessment, collaboration, and self-reflection are incorporated into just about any subject in the current curriculum.

As education is the backbone of a nation, the teachers are the foundation stone of a successful educational system. We cannot refute that, “the quality teachers are most important factor affecting performance of the students.” So, we here, at the United School, continuously equip our teaching faculties with innovative learning strategies that help them to teach your kids more effectively. Educators work to help students build the skills required for life-long learning and inquiry including flexibility, planning, and problem-solving.

Our students give us an enthusiasm to work more enthusiastically for them. Their laughter fills the school premises with positive vibes, they learn while they play, they ask more to receive more and we must say what a wonderful journey we all walk together. We always believe that learning is fun and that is what we do in our Primary wing.

Primary Vice-Principal
Barshana Thapa

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